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Is it enough to just be you?

Is it enough to just be you?

There are days we wish our lives could be better. We wake up, get dressed and most probably read through horoscope apps we have on our phones or flip straight to the horoscope section in the newspaper. In hopes of what? For a sign or a sneak peak of what may happen in the future, good or bad, to make us feel a tiny bit better, if at all. I honestly do that sometimes to see if it was a good day to make important calls to clients or ask someone out on a date.

Sometimes these things influence us subconsciously or consciously in big ways. You pick up the phone to call someone and you hang up because someone somewhere in this world wrote that all Capricorns should lessen their interaction today.

We often lose ourselves to all these petty things, not just horoscopes, but other things as well. We want to be a wanderlust, be slimmer, smarter or happier. We forget to shut the noises in our heads and breathe, to tell ourselves that it’s OK that we have made mistakes, it’s OK that the person you had a crush on said No to you. Its OK, it’s their loss; you were probably destined to meet someone better. It’s OK that you didn’t get through something today, try again tomorrow, the day after, the following month, keep trying.

We must know how far we have come and how hard we have struggled to be here in this very moment, to still be alive to wake up every morning – even next to your cat, or the person you love. Every breath is so precious.

Embrace the challenges, let the wounds remind you of the lessons that have sailed you this far and how they were the very essence that molded you to become an amazing being with so much strength within.

My article today is not to tell you how to run your life, it’s just a small reminder, whoever you may be, that you are special. So don’t be too hard on yourself, dream big, love, live, laugh and please give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself that it’s okay to be you because there’s no one else like you in this whole universe. Every journey is different but unique in its own ways.

Marilyn Monroe said that “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

I think she’s right. 

 By Bavani Veeriah