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Identifying Your Values and Purpose

Identifying Your Values and Purpose

Identifying Your Values and Purpose

Contributed by Prodigy Asia

The success of one’s career depends greatly on the ability to recognize the job-related values that are important to the individual as well as the hiring company. Identifying the purpose for working and the assessment of skills can help determine the types of jobs to apply for.

In order to be able to sell yourself well and present your skill set and experience as an attractive option to potential employers, you must first identify your own values and your purpose for working.

Here are some common purposes for job seekers:

  • Gain an income source that provides for my basic survival needs and some of my wants.

  • Find an outlet for my creativity, skills, abilities, and energies that will not only benefit myself but will help others also.

  • Make a valuable and lasting contribution to my community and to society.

  • Use my college degree for something worthwhile.

  • Do something constructive with my time to avoid boredom.

  • Be in a place where I can meet new people, travel, and gain new experiences.

  • Get out of debt.

  • Save money for the future.

  • Try a new skill and gain new experiences.

  • Fulfill my dreams and my mission in life.

"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door." - Milton Berle