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  • A-04-03A, Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia Cyber 11, 63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Prosumez Berhad is a holding company that focuses on offering e-Commerce related services through its subsidiaries.

Each subsidiary manages specialized business segment that offers potential sustainable growth and collective diversified investment portfolio under the umbrella of Prosumez Berhad, with the objective to eliminate concentration risk. Prosumez Berhad, through its subsidiaries has been actively providing IT solutions that are targeted at Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

  • SME accounts for up to 99.2% of total business establishment
  • SME contributes up to 36% of Malaysia’s GDP
  • SME employs 65% of total workforce

The above data supports that SME is a critical component of the Malaysian economy, contributing more than a third of GDP and providing job opportunities to more than four million workers in Malaysia.

Besides, in term of its readiness for e- Commerce, SME offers tremendous potential for opportunities and growth.

  • 70% of 1 million SMEs in Malaysia do not have website
  • 72% SMEs are not involved in e- commerce
  • 48% SMEs are planning for e-commerce

By 2020, enabling e-Payment for SME Project under Digital Malaysia is expected to generate 1,125,000 million e-Payment merchant outlets enabled by Electronic Funds Transfer Point-of-Sale (EFTPOS) terminal.

To enable that, BNM budgeted RM1.1b for infra development, out of which RM400m is for new terminals. BNM targets total terminals to increase to 800,000 from existing 320,000 terminals by 2020, that implies an average addition of 96,000 terminals per year. Hence, to deploy additional terminals, Banks have to drill down to small merchants to achieve BNM KPI as most of the big merchants are already supplied with terminals.

However, issue of manpower and cost will drive more Third Party Acquirer (TPA) to emerge in order to optimize the Banks’ reach to the smaller merchants throughout the nation. This has naturally offered a perfect match to Prosumez Berhad via its subsidiary to venture into supplying terminals to the Banks, which is an extension to its existing IT and e-Commerce payment solutions.

The Opportunity
Recognizing the tremendous and growing opportunities within Malaysian IT solutions and e-Commerce industry, Prosumez Berhad together with its subsidiaries are currently embarked on:

The investment highlights are as follows:

  • A Business model that could provide consistent cash flow and the ability to generate revenue streams with high potential for growth.
  • A comprehensive ecosystem that connects its subsidiaries to a centralized platform and offers competitive advantages and unique propositions
    over its competitors.