Messrs Hakem Arabi & Associates

Hakem Arabi & Associates, established in 1997, is a partnership of synergistic legal thinking and representation. We are a majority-owned Bumiputera firm with a Majority Bumiputera equity.

With over 25 years in existence, you can be confident that you are represented by highly qualified and motivated professionals. Our partners have an array of exceptional quality legal expertise honed by many years of walking in the corridors of law. Our team provides you the resources comprising of Seven (7) Senior Partners, One (1) Consultant and Twenty (20) Senior and Junior Associates.

Hakem Arabi & Associates includes Partners and Senior Associates who have worked in foreign jurisdictions, bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience that is immeasurable in serving global businesses in cross-border investments and representations.

Hakem Arabi & Associates brings to the table practical counsel in all aspects of the law, including conveyance, civil litigation, commercial, criminal litigation, corporate advisory, liquidation, mediation and arbitration.

Our long history means that we are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges by providing solutions as we guide our clients through difficult issues, bringing our insight and judgment to each situation.

Hakem Arabi & Associates is proud to have a loyal following of clients whom we have represented for many years, providing personalised services and tailor-made solutions. With varied and extensive experience in various aspects of the law we are able to provide cutting edge legal services to our clients. We are agile, inventive and determined to navigate our clients through today's complex legal environment. We keep ourselves to the highest standards of quality in the profession.