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Enact Marketing Sdn Bhd

We are the leading sales and marketing company in Malaysia specializing making all of our sales people millions! :)

We offer....

  • Large affiliate Income (20% of sales value) for those who dont want to sell directly
  • Face to face sales of leading FMCG product to earn good income while building passive income, part time or full time
  • Earn passive income with leading General Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Life insurance and let’s not forget the letsgoshopping.my affiliate income as well

Come join the team email us at ninja@en-actmarketing.com or see www.en-actmarketing.com for more details


We have 3 types of insurance (only one from this website the other two are sold face to face)

  1. Digital General Insurance (this site) that sells Car, Home and Travel Insurance
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Commercial Insurance


We want to disrupt how insurance is sold, currently less than 1% of people sign up for insurance digitally. We aim to increase this to 10%. We offer cash back program through our affiliate system (details automatically emailed once sign up completed). You can gain 10% cash back!.

We also sell Commercial insurance, anyone who passes us contact details and a copy of the previous policy can earn 20% of the premium!. For further info please email cs@en-actmarketing.com


Direct Sales

We will be recruiting an amazing face to face (B2C) sales team who will be nationwide concentrating on selling our full catalog of products. 

The point of these products is to earn enough cash while growing the passive income stream we sell Mosquitno (www.mosquitno.com.my) 


E-commerce/Affiliate Programs

Once we gain a customer through the direct sales etc we need a happy customer, we will use their cohorts (behavior patterns) gathered to offer them extensive discounts and other offers as ultimately, we want all customers to become our affiliates and promote us to their friends and colleagues. We will provide the affiliate discount codes so they can gain huge amount of points for each sale and convert these to purchase products or cash them out (through Paypal)


We have opportunities for everyone, with our sales teams typically earning 8-10k per month in commissions it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. So, email us at ninja@en-actmarketing.com or see www.en-actmarketing.com for further details