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Note Beauty Cosmetics

Founded in 2015, Ziba Cosmetics brings in Premium halal makeup and skincare products to the Singapore and Malaysia market. Being the exclusive distributor of Note Cosmetics which is a makeup brand originating from turkey that is of high quality, at an affordable price, Ziba cosmetics aim to be the leading distributor of halal cosmetics in the Singapore and Malaysia market. Our products are all halal certified, paraben free, animal cruelty free, dermatologically tested and environmentally friendly. Made with natural ingredients and vitamins that provides skin care benefits alongside its makeup purpose, our products are inspired by the passion for living, the colours of life and the notes in the nature. Strengthening make-up products with skin-care technologies, we believe in never compromising the quality of our products, and always developing new lines. By merging the notes in the nature and latest technologies, we make every woman who wants to have the best version of themselves accessible to our creation.