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GMT2 was created to manufacture the highest quality non-GMO soya based products to satisfy the growing appetite for plant based food.

We strongly believe that eating non meat food will prevent many "heartaches" literally.  It is well known that eating vegan food will not only be healthy for us, our planet will breathe better too.

As a food manufacturer, we strive to give our customers the highest quality food produced in the most hygienic and sterile environment.  We aim to produce tasty food you will yearn for second servings !

GMT2 aspires to be an all inclusive leader in the non meat food industry in the near future.  We are inspired by nature ..... Through education we will know that our food protein does not have to come from animal meat alone.  Non meat protein is equally effective in building our body muscles and keeping us strong physically.

At GMT2 we will keep improving our product range so that you will have many choices to satisfy your hungry tummy.  Making delicious vegan food will always be our main agenda.