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Polisea Sdn. Bhd.

Everybody’s different. It’s what makes us human. So why should being different make insurance difficult and expensive to get?

PolicyStreet held by Polisea Sdn Bhd, is an insurance technology company. We are on a mission to get everyone adequately protected without worrying about rigid policies and confusing fine print by empowering consumers with the right insurance knowledge and awareness to make informed decisions.

We are not about just selling insurance and to us getting insurance is not just a one-off transaction. We believe insurance is a requisite in all stages of life and we take pride in being present in our customer’s life journey. We do this by offering bite-sized products and curating new ones that meet the different needs of our consumers with communities of like-minded people. We also return a portion of our margin for policies that we sell as we believe in the sharing economy and in giving back to the community at large.