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"Gateway to Success"

Leading professional sales and marketing company in South East Asia, we are experts in tailoring below-the-line marketing activities to satisfy the needs of our international clients in terms of profitability and quality services. 

As advertising and marketing is all about creating IMPACT and EXPOSURE, our role is to create a positive impact for them by exposing their branding directly to the consumer (We co-co-ordinate face-to-face presentations with each other potential customer, known as Human Commercial). 

We also offer an unlimited fast track career progression for our CREW with NO SENIORITY so that all are treated the same with no partiality based on educational background and working experience.

Job Responsibilities:-

1. Below the line advertising

2. Customer Acquisition 

3. Create, increase brand awareness & exposure through campaign on behalf of our clients

4. Answer questions

5. Do the paperwork


1. 18 and above

2. Minimum SPM 5 Credits

3. Sales and or Customer service representatives working experience 

4. Discipline & Responsible 

5. Goal Oriented personality 

6. Outgoing 

7. Possess malaysian passport (For Training & Award purposes)

We provide:-

1. National & International Training 

2. 1-1 Mentorship & Coaching 

3. 100% based on performance (no seniority)

4. Overseas exposure

5. Clear Career Advancement