Established in year 2006 in Malaysia, Biovista is a privately-owned generic agrochemical company. Its registered and marketing office is located in southern Kuala Lumpur. Biovista’s principal business activities comprises manufacturing of crop protection chemicals, foliar fertilizers, cocktail formulations, domestic market distribution of house-brand products and international exports of a broad range of agrochemical products worldwide. We offer a diversified range of products including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, plant growth regulators and fertilizer to cater the need of agricultural crop protection and timber preservation. We always strives to do better! Biovista is now able to formulate cocktail mixture of 3 active ingredients, solvent free formulations as well as newer technology formulation. Biovista is also able to formulate specialty products and supply products in any customized packaging to suit our customer’s requirement as well as market’s requirement.