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De First Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd (hereinafter referred to as "DeFirst") started its operation in 1978 as a trading company of traditional, hand-made fish ball and fish bean curd, catering initially for the local market in 2009.

Through years of expansion and embracing manufacturing technologies, and subsequent being successfully received the coveted halal certification, De First has evolved from a small trading firm into a highly automated and advanced food production plant in Kuala Lumpur and has seen its growth in exponential context.

With new machines and technologies, stringent hygiene control and consistent quality output was assured. Coupled with advanced packaging methods and its own growing distribution networks covering major states and cities in Peninsular Malaysia, especially with growing interests from the Klang Valley, its products received wide range appeal and suitable for all, the Muslim and the non-Muslim. Today, its products are widely distributed to overseas markets including Hong Kong, Macau, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and Australia.

We strive for awarder Hygiene & awarder Healthy product which include freshness & full nutritious Product. This will be the main reason for our customers who have been chosen us and enjoying our products. Beside we continue to strive for competitiveness without compromise on our product quality by stringent practice of quality control, Research & Development also imposing better planning and control on raw material sourcing and replenishment.