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OUR PROFILE : EasyLaw is one of the first LegalTech company in Southeast Asia to deploy technology in the legal industry, to provide affordable and accessible LegalTech solution to the lawyers and people. We believe in constant improvement and innovation through technology and making technology and legal services Easy, Affordable, and Simple-to-You. EasyLaw is founded by group of entrepreneurs who are passionate in adopting technology to enable and enhance the legal industry, with the belief that the greatest asset of the company is our team & people. To make EasyLaw services better and more effective for clients’ use, we keep an open mind for novelty while investing and continuously equipping our team and people with skills, knowledge and resources to achieve the biggest goal together.

OUR VISION : We revolutionize the way lawyers calculate anything related to property. Our app & tools help lawyers to work more effectively in calculating legal fees/ Stamp duty on SPA & Loan Agreement.

OUR MISSION : We offer Malaysia's best legal-related calculator/tool. These tools are for lawyers, law firms' clerks, real estate agents, bankers, property investors & anyone who needs lawyers and commissioner for oaths.