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  • 1215, Lorong Indah 7, Kampung Indah Permai, Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

GAMMA EPSILON SQUARE SDN BHD is a registered company specializing in locker rental. We comprise of passionate individuals striving to help solve heavy bag problems among school students in Malaysia. Founded in 2003, we started as a consultant agency with a small office room in Wangsa Delima. However, through shared concerns of the well beings of Malaysian students, in 2013 our shareholders agreed to put a joined effort and become a pioneer in locker rental services. We have grown so much in terms of experience and knowledge. We now reside in Ampang. We are working on establishing more connection and expanding our services to all over Malaysia. In future, we hope Malaysia realize that parallel to our advancement in technology and development, GAMMA EPSILON SQUARE BHD is here to bring forth a change that will benefit till generations to come.