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Binastra Land Sdn Bhd


Binastra Land Sdn Bhd strives to be a boutique property developer that is recognised for its innovation, further enhancing the lifestyle of its customers with superior quality products and services that go beyond expectations.


Following our motto of “quality finishings from the start”, we instil a culture of excellence by prioritising quality in everything we do.

We adopt high standards of professionalism and integrity in all our business conducts, spearheaded by knowledge and forward-thinking professionals who stay up to date with innovative technologies and cost-effective construction methods to maximise benefits for our customers.

Simultaneously, we understand the importance of establishing and maintaining profitable properties and long-term partnerships. This is why our motto of “quality finishings from the start” does not just stop with our developments but extends right to you.

Each and every one of our projects is aimed towards total customer satisfaction, as we are dedicated to build spaces that enrich the lives of the community – be it a working environment, a comfortable home or a commercial venue; and will provide a quality lifestyle for our valued customers.