Electro-Spec Industries Sdn Bhd

Our Begining Electro-Spec Industries Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian-based company incorporated in January 2004. We undertake Contract Manufacturing of die-casting, and surface finishing. From the year 2004 we brought in our years of experience to this industry which has evolved from secondary processors to what it is today. Our contract manufacturing was formed to be an Integrated Centre for Manufacturing.Currently we are located approximately 30 km south of Kuala Lumpur. We also have several types of secondary operations at our disposal. These include pneumatic deburr,trimming,polishing &machines,sand blasting,powder coating & Electro-plating. Our Quality Standards We have a policy of No Expenses Spared where quality is concerned.Our quality control standards are set at the very moment the raw material is incoming. Inspection starts at the casting of the part and follows up to shipment and delivery of the part. E ESTABLISHED L LOYAL E ENGINEERED C COMMITTED T TRUSTWORTHY R RESOURCEFUL O ORGANISATION S SINCERE P PRECISE E ECONOMICAL C COMPANY Services: The industries which we currently serve are home appliance ,food display system,sanitary ware,furniture,hardware and automotive. We have the capability of abrasive belt deburring, drilling and tapping, , polishing and abrasive blasting. We have at our disposal a batch powder coating line,an Electro-Plating line, we also undertake .Aluminum Diecasting complete with powder coating.Mould making is outsourced to 2 mould making companies. The types of Zinc Die-Casting Parts that we are currently processing are Zinc bathroom faucets,Zinc Handles,fishing reel components,Zinc Appliance Handles,Door Hinges,Adjustable Legs, Our Die-Casting Machines Capacity range from 8 tons to 100 tons, we have Producer,YKK,Shinozuka and Hishinuma types of Machines. Surface Finishing process includes:Vibratory bowl using Plastic,Ceramic or Steel ball Medias, Polishing,Buffing,Sand-blasting,Powder Coating,Copper ,Nickel & Chrome Plating. Specialties: OEM .AN INTEGRATED CENTRE FOR ZINC DIE_CASTING,Polishing,Buffing,Sand Blasting,Powder Coating,Electro-Plating.Providing TOTAL SOLUTIONS ON ZINC