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Wellness Academy Sdn Bhd

Wellness Academy is a gateway providing two innovative channels for knowledge and training.  The first nourishes health-themed programs, whereas the second builds on personal development.  The ‘Health Themed Channel’ educates members, business partners and corporate groups with knowledge on nutrition; diets; Wellness Concept’s products, its benefits and features; and general health maintenance for ‘Good Health’. The sole purpose of this section of education is to highlight the importance of health and nutrition.

On the other hand, the ‘Personal Development Channel’ trains members, business partners and corporate groups towards personal success.  This section of learning provides an opportunity for potential individuals to discover their inner self, value and unleashing the talent through professional mentoring. Throughout the journey, the talent will be guided through various approaches such as professional consultation; self-learning through publication and digital media; team networks and perhaps engaging with established leaders to develop wider perceptional and well managed cognitive soft skills, leadership, communications, and confidence as to name a few. It is with Wellness Concept’s desire to help enthusiast to expand in their aptitude and capacity of one’s ability towards boundless potential in achieving ‘True Wealth’ while cultivating and nurturing an integral holistic lifestyle.