Advancenet Technology Sdn Bhd

The Advancenet Technology Sdn. Bhd. opened its doors in Malaysia in 1996. Managed by creative professionals with their wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge in The networking industry, the company was set up to cater to the networking distribution niche of the Malaysia Information and Communication Technology Industry.


  • To Provide quality and cost-competitive networking services to resellers and end-users
  • To challenge to competitive environment by offering clients novelty and variety in our services
  • To secure the trust of clients and to uphold the reputation of Advancenet.


  • An established presence in networking for the ICT sector in education, business and entertainment.
  • An efficient networking that fulfills the need for timely information, effective communication ,and efficient performance
  • A culture of teamwork where commitment translates into action
Advancenet Technology Sdn Bhd 145, Jalan Kenari 23a, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
13 Jun, 2018
Guidance and on-the-job practical training in accounting, clerical work and other assignments Exposure to the real world working experience, including communicating with superiors and other staff.  Practical training allowance is provided.