CURIOUS Entertainment

Founded in 2016. CURIOUS Entertainment is a small business formed to meet the needs of the ever-changing social world. Our team are of creative-minded heads, with the sole goal of developing a greater social media exposure towards 'Gaming'​, 'Talents', 'Jobs' and 'Channel'​.

Also, we have our very own event management, marketing and public relations crew that are innovative and creative to meet the requirements of our clients.

With a team of well diverse working experience, we deliver every promise we make to our clients. We are committed in everything we do, thus bringing our customer and clients the next level of entertainment in both the gaming and talent industry. Do keep in touch with us, we are funny.  


As an EO

CURIOUS Entertainment is established as an interactive platform to promote eSports in Malaysia. We seek to provide players and our audience the proper tools in the gaming community. CURIOUS Gaming believes in the industry of eSports, thus promoting the gaming scene and providing opportunities for various individuals to show off their potential in competitive gaming.

Also, we organize gaming tournaments and have giveaways during our tournaments to raise awareness and brand loyalty of eSports-affiliated brands in Malaysia. Till today, we are successful in helping our clients in promoting their brand exposure during our events. Our main objective is to bring the light of eSports into Malaysia.

With the help of professional marketing and services provided, we believe this can be achieved.