Quantum Springs Sdn Bhd


Quantum Springs SdnBhdwas established in 2002 by the founders’ JayakhumarRMT Nadesapillayand his son NavinJayakhumaras a Development & Construction company. It is based in TelukIntan, Perak and runs out of the sentimentally valued office in the heart of town.

Quantum Springs brings you experience from within Malaysia as well as the United States. Having the experience from abroad, you can be sure of the quality and latest construction methods and knowledge brought to your doorstep at a reasonable rate, from a Malaysian brand name. The results of this cultural blend will be nothing less than perfection with a modern assemble and a touch of tradition.

With our combined experience of over 50 years, we assure you the best of service. Having completed locally owned housing projects like Taman Intan Baru, as well as moving on to bigger giants and successfully playing a big part in completing renowned projects like the Plaza Hotel and the Terminal 5, Jet Blue, JFK airport in New York,
Quantum Springs is all geared up and definitely looking forward to embarking on new grounds.