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Tinnovatik Sdn Bhd

Tinnovatik aims to be a specialized outsourcing services provider to its global clients that will focus on the provision of technical support services in the field of Network Engineering and Solar Power Engineering. Tinnovatik envisage that companies with global operations will continue to remain focus on their core competencies and in maintaining their leadership position in their relevant markets. As a result of this, outsourcing of non-core business will continue to increase and grow in volume over the next few years.

Tinnovatik is targeting Malaysia as an ideal location in providing its specialized IT Outsourcing Services to its global clients, led by its team of highly skilled professionals, defined processes and a structured yet flexible management in the background. In the MSC, Tinnovatik will establish its state of the art IT Outsourcing Centre with the infrastructure, capability and capacity to efficiently support their customers operations globally. Tinnovatik will provide the following IT Outsourcing Services to facilitate global companies in their network management operations:

Tinnovatik Network Engineering Support Services

Tinnovatik Solar Power Engineering Support Services