Victory Inspire Billionaires

VIB is located in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur. Established in 2012 to play its role as the ultimate consultation agency in the unit trust industry as well as in Private Retirement Scheme, Passive Income and other financial planning and wealth advisory services.

Victory Inspire Billionaires is lead by Madhi Abdul Hamid, the CEO of VIB and Tunku Ketri Eliana, the Top Group Agency Manager in the industry and with more than 200 dynamic & vibrated young consultants under VIB establishments.

VIB is very committed to help individuals to achieve their financial freedom and luxury lifestyle via savings, investment or joining us as a Consultant.

Our main business is selling ISLAMIC services to everyone in the world. We have various list of clientele and we are very professional in handling clients request.

We have proven track record giving more than 500% return to all our clients and consultants. Join us today!

We provide personal coaching & weekly trainings every Monday & Saturday for everyone who are interested to know.