Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad

Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd was established in 1979. Back then, Kossan offered a range of cutless bearing that were often used in the marine industry.

With a growing market demand for Kossan's products, we continued to progress rapidly and was one of the first companies in Malaysia to venture into glove manufacturing. We then introduced the first glove production line in August 1988.

Today, Kossan's manufacturing plants are centered within Klang Valley, Malaysia for ease of management and logistic control which translates into better synergistic effects. Kossan makes more than 17.5 billion pieces of medical gloves per annum while its technical rubber product operation uses not less than 15,000 tons of rubber mixing compounds.

Kossan's stellar performances and strong reputation as a high quality latex OEM glove manufacturer has resulted in a business network that extends to more than 160 countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin Amerika, Middle East and Australia.

Kossan is a firm believer in deploying efficient and effective communications. Our longstanding relationship with our customers, shareholders, employees, and the public is an integral part of our success.

This group of people are inter-linked indirectly and hence each must be given due recognition, time, and management. We stay true to our Vision & Mission to ensure continued growth and profitability, as well as building Kossan into a well-rounded and caring corporate entity.

With the advent of Information Technology, Kossan has embrace and employed new technologies to cultivate a knowledge-based workforce and to promote better communications with all relevant parties.

Kossan also believes in introducing a right mix of work and play in the organistion. We advocate a healthy and balanced corporate culture that will inadvertently create a synergistic result.

At Kossan, we are not just employers or employees. We are the Kossan family.