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Social Ant Sdn Bhd

  • 1213, Block A, Damansara Intan, 1, Jln SS 20/27, 47400, Petaling Jaya

Social Ant Sdn Bhd, a start up incorporated in Malaysia that will spearhead the entire operations of its’ product QLUE, QUACK, QLUSTER & NODEFLUX to the cities around Asia Pacific. The company will concentrate on ensuring the products are widely distributed in Malaysia as their first country out of Indonesia whereby our local partners will concentrate on the Greater Indonesia.

The company is known as a digital solution company using civic engagement app in providing citizens and / or staffs a single platform whereby they are empowered with a voice to feedback to government sectors, private businesses and also the corporation that they work for. These feedback will then be churned into a “check & balance” concept where it will help promote accountability, efficiency, governance, KPI measure, and transparency where long term operations using our products will reduce expenditure or OPEX.

The team of directors heading their respective departments, collectively has more than 40 years of vast experience that they can exploit their abilities and capabilities to ensure their achievement in the world of citizen engagement platforms.

As a company that strives to deliver the best, our solutions constantly undergo relentless trials, testing and updates that eventually makes us a leader in the industry as we are always up to date with our clients’ needs. Our team ensures that the use of our products are personalized as we are all ears when it comes to client relationship management.

Responsibility and ownership is something we take pride off and clean business ethics is our priority especially when the clients that we are dealing with are top down driven with the intention of practicing good corporate governance.

Although we are young, our list of valuable clients and partners range from the government sector, MNC, fast rising start ups, global scale tech giants, telco providers etc. All these is made possible from the dedication and hard work form our team who shares the same positive tone of bringing positive change to the world.