Koalala Malaysia Sdn Bhd


In a traditional company, they practice traditional employer-employee relationships. You are expected to “listen and work” as they have given you a salary. They are “the boss”!

But in Koalala Malaysia, we see things differently. We believe employees who put their heart into their work, offer their skills to achieve the company’s goals, and get paid are absolutely deserved it.

We play our role as a “leader” in the company, we will lead; inspire our team members (THAT'S YOU!) to achieve greatness, and work together toward the same goal. Everyone in the company is equal, no one is high/low.

Because of the power of teamwork, our company has grown from 2 people to 17 people in just 2 years. Our company also has grown faster and achieved better performance compared with other companies in the same industry.

Currently, we focused our business on the Shopee platform under the home & living categories. We plan to enter other categories and other e-commerce platforms in the next 6 months when our team members are ready!