MineBiz Group Sdn Bhd (which was formerly known as Da Ma Synergy Resources Sdn Bhd) is determined to provide end-to-end services to Malaysia-based SMEs who are either planning or ready for export markets.

The services MineBiz is offering:-

1. Creation of Corporate Digital Identity

- We help SMEs to develop, increase as well as maximize their brand exposure by creating mobile-enabled website, mobile app, and social media

2. Consolidated e-marketplace for Exporters and Importers

- We provide our own customized B2B e-commerce as a single platform to connect Malaysian-based exporters (and to-be-exporters) to all potential importers around the world

3. Direct Customers Engagement

- We allow our customers to own their customers information directly (eg. business leads and inquiry) through our digital marketing and conversion strategies such as SEO/SEM initiatives

4. Offline Business Networking & Activities

- We gather a pool of industry peers & veterans for offline information sharing sessions such as seminars, training & coaching, business-matching activities

5. Supply Chain Services Management

- We tackle and add values to our customers’ logistics challenge by working closely with our strategic partner who is one of the leading logistics companies in Malaysia
We strive to boost a strong adoption of e-commerce in Malaysia export market.