Our properties are designed and built within a philosophy that invites our guests into a state of mind called Samadhi. In Sanskrit, Samadhi is the highest state of meditation - the moment when the mind achieves stillness and a state of meditative consciousness.

Samadhi Retreats aim to deliver a transcendent experience, where the anxieties of daily life are surrendered at our doors and guests transition to a relaxed state of mind. Located in destinations that offer unique choices, each retreat takes on the character of its natural surroundings and serves as a form of escape for the urban traveller.

The long walkways leading into the main entrance – a distinctive feature at each Samadhi property – are essentially a metaphor for your 'gateway to a dream state'. Beckoned by strong core values which center around protecting and preserving nature, we build responsibly, operate eco-consciously and advocate to leave wildlife and their habitats unharmed in the process.

It is therefore important that we craft each property with deliberation. In our creation of one-of-a-kind concepts, we use only restored timber and incorporate natural materials into our designs. The strong overtones of nature creates Samadhi Retreats' 'Rustic-Luxe' brand essence and image.