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It all began when the SmartBite founders were working at their corporate jobs across Southeast Asia. Our companies provided all kinds of food benefits, such as daily overtime meals, catering buffet spreads during Holidays and even appreciation gifts for the staf. We all agreed that the quality of the food was often subpar. Also, food often arrived late and we had no way to choose our meals or even provide proper feedback to our office manager.

That’s when we decided we needed to build a better solution, so we built it. 5 years ago, we created a platform aimed at delivering a great food ordering experience for groups of people. SmartBite consists of a network of restaurants and caterers that work closely with us to keep improving their service level. We created the standard of what it means to bring food into a professional setting. Over the years, SmartBite has grown into something much bigger. We’ve become the number one marketplace for groups in Southeast Asia.