NM13 Sdn. Bhd.

NM13 sdn bhd [NM13] is a Bumiputera registered company with diverse business interest, amongst others in the Information Technology (IT), Engineering (incl. Solar System, Energy & Water Technology) and the Defence & Security sectors. Since our inception, we have been engaged in the supply of products and services to the Government and Private Institutions/Agencies whilst being actively involved in projects within the same fields.

As a corporate entity and an investment holding company, we are proud to be supported by committed team of professionals, led by accredited individuals from specialised fields or background and collaborated with some of the world’s renowned companies as strategic allies to achieve our aspirations, vision and mission.

Our company focuses on empowering entrepreneurship, fuelling strategic corporate aspirations and prides ourselves in the reformation on the concept of wholesome technology. Our company is resilient in reshaping, restructuring and continuously adapting our business portfolios according to the future potential opportunities.