TAPiO Management Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

TAPiO Management Advisory is a multidisciplinary advisory firm based in Kuala Lumpur that specializes in assisting its clients to settle or expand in the ASEAN region by utilizing Malaysia as a gateway, notably in the industry 4.0. TAPiO acts as the country manager for Bavaria and Belgium. TAPiO also currently acts as economic advisor to the East Coast Economic Region Development Council and the Flanders Investment and Trade Malaysia Agency. TAPiO brings relationships of the highest level between Malaysia and Europe ranging from government officials to private sector CEOs. TAPiO also acts as a partner of choice for several Governments, Embassies and major companies, particularly in Malaysia. TAPiO has extensive experience and success in forming joint ventures and partnerships in both governmental and private level. TAPiO prides itself on maintaining accurate information about Malaysia and the opportunities in its key industry sectors. This enables us to provide some of the highest quality intelligence services in any relevant industry which will assist our clients and investors in making informed decisions on the market conditions. Above this, TAPiO can provide custom market research and feasibility studies for the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey on demand. Depending on the size of the investor, TAPiO can also assist in negotiating the best investment conditions for their expansion and growth.