Vertex Mastery

In Vertex Mastery, we provide result-driven business coaching sessions, electrifying exciting events, and effective marketing agency services to our clients to grow their business so that they can further impact and help their own clients through their products or services.

❤️ Our Purpose - Our Reason for Being In The Business

To help business owners & entrepreneurs to create positive societal impact at scale.

🚀 Our Mission To Mars

 A peak-performing team creating a community of conscious business owners making a positive societal impact, by 2030.

🎯 Mission Target

  • To enroll over 500 active annual coaching memberships with renewals of more than 2 years
  • To donate over $1,000,000 USD in charity 

📜 Company Profile

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🙌🏻 Our Code of Honour (PEAKS)

🤩 Purpose Driven:

  • I put Mission first
  • I do whatever it takes to complete my task
  • I know everything we do brings us closer to our mission

💯 Excellence:

  • I deliver WOW experiences
  • I am always resourceful, proactive & on time in all my actions
  • I practice open & honest communication

👀 Act Responsibly:

  • I take ownership & responsibility for all tasks given to me
  • I do not blame, shame, complain, victimize or justify.
  • I am honest & always act with integrity.

🌱 Keep Growing

  • I take every experience as an opportunity to grow
  • I'm always open & actively seeking for feedback 
  • I am willing to call out & be called out & I quit taking it personally (QTIP)

💪🏻 Support:

  • I support my team unconditionally
  • I leave no one behind and I always finish as A-team
  • I lead my team to be at our finest & settle for nothing less