George Medical Getaway

George Medical Getaway is the first Certified Inbound Medical Tourism Facilitator in Malaysia, certified by the Medical Tourism Association in the United States. We provide medical and wellness travel solutions for clients from all over the world and help them find better healthcare. 

We are advocators for our clients, bridgers in the process, organizers in the strategy, and educators for the patients. We specialize in multi-disciplinary medical and wellness services, incorporating both western and eastern medicine to provide our clients the best of both worlds in healthcare, while they enjoy the sights and sounds of Malaysia. 

We emphasize the 'care' in healthcare by offering exceptional services in every aspect of a medical tourist journey. From the get go, our holistic approach ensures that every patient is treated with exceptional customer service, receiving world class health, medical and/or wellness treatments aided by exceptional medical service providers. At GMG, no one is a stranger. We embrace the uniqueness of each client and try our very best to cater to their specific needs, wants, and characteristics.