Pet Daddy Sdn Bhd

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Incorporated: 1st October 2013
Pet Daddy is a movement towards healthy holistic cooked dog food that started mid-2013 when one of our principals started looking up meal alternatives on the web upon realising his 8+ year old Rhodesian Ridgebacks did not want to eat their dry food anymore. The first recipe met with huge success and in as little as 2 weeks observed:
  • the dogs appeared energised and were now eating their food readily and displayed significant improvement in overall demeanour (they were much happier canines, abound with enthusiasm before, during and after meals),
  • skin problems disappeared,
  • no more stinky poop and flatulence,
  • rich, soft, darker fur,
  • age related whitening around muzzle reduced significantly and
  • no more trips to the Vet.
He realised there was more to canine nutrition than was easily understood and proceeded to band together with a Vet, a pet groomer (who’s probably the most knowledgeable canine nutritionist in the country) and a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner -all dog lovers and all looking for the best food for their pets. Many meetings, DISCUSSIONS, RESEARCH PROJECTS and testing ACTIVITIES commenced and concluded resulting in 5 recipes comprising varied and important fresh food and natural supplements, scientifically and practically deduced and lovingly prepared.
The product soft launched in December 2013 and we have been getting very positive feedback from our customers ever since. However, in 2013 & 2014, it appeared that dog owners were yet to discover the importance and potency of natural, fresh food. Vets gain their canine nutrition knowledge from the dry food companies and sadly continue to recommend this rather poor excuse for nutrition. Sales was growing at a rather slow pace and his partners went on to focus on their respective careers.
Today, with many happy and healthy canines all over KL, Pet Daddy is growing at a more brisk pace as dog owners become more knowledgeable and involved in the welfare and diet of their canines. Even Vets are slowly starting to realize the importance of natural food. 2 Nutritionist had since joined Pet Daddy bringing improvements to the existing recipes as well as the birth of a 6th recipe.
The Product
Pet Daddy's cooked meals ARE Vet and Nutritionist approved/certified. We strive to feed your dog right, both nutritionally and calorie wise and give your dog everything he needs to stay healthy and happy. All recipes are freshly cooked from 100% natural and fresh, human-grade ingredients and supplements.
We use different healthy meats, vegetables, fruit and grains in the six recipes you can choose from and suggest you include all recipes in your dog's diet after consulting with our Nutritionists on any specific dietary requirements. We test the food on ourselves prior to feeding it to our pets. Yes, you can now eat what your dog eats!
Each meal serving is determined using ideal weight, age, breed and activity levels of the dog. We work tirelessly and diligently to prepare the best meals and nutrition for each dog as well as assess if any weight management if necessary. Pet Daddy gives your dog everything it needs to stay healthy and happy.
Feeding Your Pet Right
As pet owners, we are responsible for ensuring our pets' nutritional needs are properly catered to. We have often been told that dry food is the end all in a dog's diet. We challenged this belief and are now clear that this claim is overstated. Questions remain not only regarding the origin of the meats used but also the additives and preservatives. Why "not fit for human consumption" on all packets and even canned food? We wouldn't want to feed our pets anything we wouldn't eat ourselves right? At Pet Daddy, we test and taste the food ourselves prior to feeding it to our pets. You should too.
Why Pet Daddy's?
  • 100% natural and fresh, human grade ingredients and supplements
  • Ingredients cooked separately to optimise canine digestion and hygienic measures
  • Human and dog tasted and tested with emphasis on dogs reaction, health and weight
  • Calorie centric and different recipes with servings determined using ideal weight, age, breed, and activity levels facilitate better meals, nutrition and weight management
  • Vet approved/certified.
  • For your convenience, Pet Daddy delivers in Damansara Heights (FREE) and other selected areas (charges apply). Customers may also pick up the food.