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Cubee Technology (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

We are a software development company utilizing big data and AI for sports analysis and broadcasting services.

Headquatered in Singapore, Cubee Technology is a global commercial develop service provider in multi-sports fields based on artificial intelligence and big data. After 7 years of developement, it has built a global commercial landscape on basis of sports artificial intelligence. Cubee Technology have set up several branch offices across the world with "Asia-Pacific Content Marketing Center" and "Global Data pPocessing Center" in Malaysia, "Gloal Business Cooperation Center" in the UK, "Asia-Pacific Business Cooperation Center" in Hong Kong and Chinese Mainland Business Center and its branches respectively in Shanghai and Chengdu. Our global service include data consulting, match analysis, professional sports, sports media, business decision, education and research development, real-time data gfames and sports lottery. Cubee's services reach in excess of 64 million users from across all six continents that benefit from the overseas advertisement sales operated by Lagardere Sports and data support provided by Sportradar. Meanwhile, AFP, one of the largest 4 western news agencies, enjoys a long-term friendly relationshop with us and we together exclusively covered the 2018 world cup and the Euros, presented by our global ambassador, Lothar Matthaus. We also has a broad Chinese client base includin household names like Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and China sports Media as well as dozens of top competition copyright owners like iQIYI and MIGU.