• We are the affiliate of several financial service providers in Malaysia, with more than 29 years experience in business. We master what we do best.


• We specialising in providing financial services and solutions ranging from wealth protection (insurance), wealth accumulation (savings), wealth acceleration (investment), and wealth distribution (will trust). The complete steps of wealth management, which literally required from everyone.


• We provide professional trainings and courses with 30 training centres across Malaysia. You know you are in good hands.

How can you grow and develop with us:

• You will be exposed to training on sales and marketing, customer relationship management, professional financial and wealth planning, leadership training, and event management.


• A custom growing roadmap will be cater for each individual. Skills and knowledge will be trained and shared according to the wealth management steps. You will have the opportunity to experience multiple aspects of wealth management.


• Professional certificates and certified licences can be acquired by completing our selected courses and examinations, shall you wish to pursue.


• A Path-to-Manager roadmap is available for you as well if you wish to pursue the managerial role in 3 years time. Unleash the limitless possibilities.


• Work-Life balance, and love what you are doing with us in the team. We value relationship more than business, not only with our clients, also with our team.