GolfSmart Fitting Studio was initiated and set up in Malaysia nearly a decade ago in Malaysia by Mr. Jack Loi, who is a Malaysian golf enthusiastic with the certification by USGTF as a certified teaching professional and also a certified club fitter by International Clubmakers Guild or ICG to focus on professional club fitting for golfers that are looking for the ultimate performance clubs to improve their game.

Since its inception, GolfSmart Fitting is well recognized with its pool of professionally trained club fitters by golf equipment principals like the renown brand of Oban shaft and PXG Performance Clubs to represent the brand as their authorized dealer, distributor and club fitting studio.

With a modest start in Malaysia, it has since made its entry into Vietnam and is planning its expansion into other countries in ASEAN from 2018.

It is making a debut in Vietnam with its set up of professional and well equipped studio located at Rach Chiec Golf Range , Q2 in HCMC with inroad to other major cities of Hanoi and Danang.