Bluewave Network Technologies Sdn Bhd

Bluewave Network Technologies (BluewaveNT), we are a fully integrated system and network integration company with a leading portfolio and wide network of operations in Malaysia and around the world. 

With growing demand for excellent information technology services and delivery, we challenge ourselves to redefine the future of network, system and application platform with innovative approaches to technology methodology and engineering in order to maximize and deliver sustainable information technologies infra structure for tomorrow. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

We invest in our valuable engineers and consultants. We have a pool of talented and certified Network and System Engineer available and ready to serve your organization. Bluewave Network Technologies have a wide range of IT expertise and experience for almost 8 years ..

Even though there are non-stop updates in the realm of Information Technologies, Bluewave Network Technologies keep on maintaining pools of professional that able to consult in IT, ranging from Network Design, Capacity Planning, Data Center Design, Network and System Migration Draw Out, Virtualization and even, Onsite Maintenance.

BluewaveNT consultants are always committed to providing your company with assessment, design and installation services including troubleshooting of a variety of Servers or Directories in a cost and time efficiently. Whichever level of services that you need from BluewaveNT, we will always attend to your queries and requirements.

Communication at every stage of solution delivery is vital in order to achieve the goal of success and we has always maintained and established good relationships with our customers and valuable partners to create a better working environment. We are specializing in network availability for internet access (Load Balancer), firewall availability, network switches redundancy and etc. The principal and manufacturer that we work closely with include Cisco, HP Procurvce, 3Com, Fortinet, Juniper, Peplink, Checkpoint, Nortel, Brocade, Barracuda and many others.

Our ultimate goal for this IT service is to provide managed service for router, load balancer, UTM firewall, loss-less fabric switching and others. This will ease and offload customer workload on IT support, IT Maintenance and focusing in their core business areas.In order to achieve this, BluewaveNT has a team of qualified and customer friendly consultants that is always ready to attend to our customers and to meet their satisfaction.

We maintain a pool of highly professional experts in Information Technology. Rich skillets and experiences makes our consultants unmatched in the industry. Consultants are thoroughly screened before hiring. Our compensation is among the best in the industry. This is how we serve our clients with the best consultants in a timely manner.