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OrinsGroup International

ORINSGROUP® was established since 2006 and has grown over 20 branches throughout Malaysia, all strategically placed in major cities located from far north as Butterworth to south down Johor Bahru in Peninsular Malaysia and all the way to East Malaysia Kota Kinabalu Sabah and Kuching Sarawak.

Our main strength lies in supporting the young entrepreneurs in terms of financial and products for them to start off their own business and to become our partner in future. We have also leveraged ourselves by having 5 key Divisions comprising of Flyers, Product Event, Applications, Automobile and Cosmetic.

ORINSGROUP® 600 creditable sales force generate a yearly sales over RM38.5 million per annum and we will see this figure exceed this mark and emerging as a RM120 million per annum business in next 5 years.

We have firmly maintained our commitment to spread value-for-money merchandise and services to the entire nation, even to the grassroot communities of Malaysia. Our reach throughout the country is both intense and ever-expanding.

ORINSGROUP®'s achievement are based in our core values. We are an Organization that Recognise individuals with Integrity by Nurture. Thus, made us a great Success.