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Azendian Solutions Sdn Bhd

  • G4, Incubator 2, Lebuhraya Puchong Sungai Besi, 57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
  • www.azendian.com

We are the Data People. Our expertise is around managing and using data to help our clients achieve or exceed their objectives by bolstering their experience with facts and data. Through the use of data, we help them to enhance their revenue, optimise their processes, serve their customer more effectively & efficiently and manage organisation risk.

ask a different question

Welcome to the brave new world of the knowledge and information economy.

At Azendian Solutions, we thrive on discovering solutions hidden in the swarm of data.

We believe that the right answer lies in asking the right question.

We can only do that when we have people like you who are as excited as we are in empowering our clients with strong solutions.  In turn, we help the community we live in become stronger too.

If you want the opportunity to play with data, algorithm and business transformation to empower lives …

come join us

We invite analytics professionals with the relevant experience to join our consulting, system integration and product development teams.  There will be different opportunities for you to be part of a consulting, system integration practice or be part of our product solution development team.  Our objective is to partner our client enhance productivity in Revenue, operations or risk management.  We provide foresight and insight to help our clients enhance productivity using analytics techniques and organisation development methods.

You will be part of a larger team of professionals specializing in Information Management (covering design, development and deployment of EDW, ETL, information presentation) and organisation transformation (change management, process re-engineering, policy & governance alignment). 

In this role, you will be part of the team responsible to lead the design, development and deployment of analytics solutions.  These solutions may be in the areas of structured or unstructured data.  Depending on your area(s) of professional competencies, you will be developing predictive, forecasting or operation research (optimisation) models as part of a larger effort.  You may also be involved in text mining and network analytics solutions.