Ipoh Market Street Kopitiam (1980) Sdn Bhd

Ipoh Market Street is well known for its "Ipoh White Coffee" where the coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk.

Ipoh Market Street offers combination of all Ipoh authentic food with original recipes from local Chefs which includes the famous Ipoh Zha Liew (Yong Tau Foo), Ipoh Bean Sprouts, Chicken Rice and Ipoh Noodle Soup which is well-known beyond our homeland. The menu includes its signature Red Bean Ice, Sweet Corn Drinks and Fu Chuk Barley combination of all good food.

Ipoh Market Street brings people of all ages together to savour the original signature recipes from the famous local authentic delights to Kuala Lumpur. We are giving the customers the Ipoh “Old Town” feel with its warm 80s and friendly surrounding.