Asia Developer Academy (ADA)

  • VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Block 2, 13th Floor, Jalan Utara Section 14, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • www.AsiaDev.Academy

Anyone from a fresh grad to a working professional or startup founder can learn how to code in 3 months 

Our core mission in building this programme is to actively harness the finest coding talent in Asia to serve the ongoing digital revolution and bridge the obvious over-demand, under-supply skills gap many corporations, institutions and companies are facing today. We know there is talent out there to be discovered, planted and nurtured. And we aim to bring it on: Asia ADA Coding Talent!


Brought To You By Established Education Providers, BAC Education Group and iTrain Malaysia. The best in Asian tertiary education (BAC) and Malaysia's pioneer in mobile app development training (iTrain) have joined forces to bring you ADA: a vigorous coding programme formed to teach aspiring and committed coders from all walks of life the following skills:

- Foundations of Programming
- Database and Cloud Development
- Specialisation: Web, Android or iOS