SR Infratech Sdn.Bhd. was formed in 2014 to support Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex & Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (PIPC & RAPID) in Pengerang, Johor and its board and management are acknowledged of their experience and expertise in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Erection partner to the oil & gas, petrochemical, petroleum and construction industry.

SR Infratech, with its highly skilled, multicultural staff and its manufacturing and fabrication facilities are able to offer a comprehensive range of equipment and services including pre-engineering building, engineering, design, project management, fabrication, installation, commissioning and service.

SR Infratech and its affiliate company has a wide range of clients across various industries including oil & gas, chemical processing, biochemical, food, automotive, waste water treatment, biogas, biomass and power generation.

With our group of companies extensive experience in undertaking various scale of projects regionally and globally has proven track record : we have the industry connections, the passion and drive, the resources and skills to make projects happen on time, on budget and to exacting standards.

Our impressive portfolio of completed projects is testament to our clients' confidence both in us as an organisation that can deliver. At SR Infratech, it is clear that our clients come first. We seek to partner them in their success, and this comes through in the unique way that we work.

We primarily use our own in-house construction teams of SR Infratech and affiliate company employees so as to maintain complete control and responsibility over our work. Our team is fully employed by us and we have expertly trained staff across the world.

Quality and control are paramount and we can only achieve these if we know each and every team member. And by harnessing traditional knowledge and combining this with innovative alternatives, our solutions utilise technology, tried and tested systems and economically priced materials. Material wastage reduced, space and land usage is optimised, and cost are kept in check.

With pride and dedication, we will provide unrivaled project management, intelligent solution implementation and extensive support to all our clients worldwide.