SYT Pavilion Sdn Bhd

  • Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

ValueMax Group Limited and its subsidiaries (“ValueMax” or the “Group“) provides pawnbroking and secured moneylending services as well as the retail and trading of pre-owned jewellery and gold. With the Group’s first pawnbroking outlet established in 1988, ValueMax is one of the most established and trusted pawnbroking chains and gold traders in Singapore. Drawing on its strong track record and in-depth industry knowledge, ValueMax has expanded to more than 50 outlets in Singapore  and Malaysia. In Malaysia, ValueMax also operates through its associated companies.


As the leader in the pawnbroking sector in Singapore, ValueMax  is the first and only mainboard-listed pawnbroker on the Singapore Stock Exchange.


In 2010, ValueMax received the Enterprise 50 award, and also the Singapore Prestige Brands Award in its Established Brands category. We were also the first CaseTrust-accredited pawnbroker in Singapore.

Our management is highly experienced in the business community, and whether you pawn, sell or buy with us, the Group is well placed to give you the value you trust.