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Soon Soon Oilmills Sdn. Bhd.

Established in 1979 our company is a leading integrated food and feed ingredients company with sales exceeding RM1 billion per annum. All in all we have 9 factories located in Klang and Penang employing about 1000 people. We supply ingredients such as oils, flour, proteins, grain products etc to both the food and feed industries. In fact our ingredients will usually be present in the food you eat everyday e.g. chicken, eggs, noodles, tofu, bread etc.

We are one of the few Malaysian companies that can claim to be a global technology leader in our field for example our protein feed ingredients have been tested and results published in many international conferences and journals showing them to be the best of their type in the world. Our food ingredients are generally acknowledged to be of premium quality and we supply to all the major food companies.

We are also a leading provider of healthy food ingredients. We work closely with governments, industries and universities on research and development. Our latest revolutionary product: "Naturally Refined Cold Pressed Oils"​ is attracting a lot of interest world wide. Our products usually have both competitive and comparative advantages over our global competitors. Although our main strategy is to add value to our customers, we can also adopt a disruptive strategy if the need arises due to the inherent competitiveness of our products.