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Red Kettle Sdn Bhd

Homemade Comfort Food • Artisan Bread • Specialty Coffee

Team Red Kettle is now rapidly expanding and we look forward to welcoming team members who are equally passionate about what we do to grow together as we embark in exciting plans ahead!

Conceived by three friends passionate about good food and good coffee, Red Kettle’s menu is a medley of both Western and Asian flavours with a contemporary touch.

It’s a place envisioned for families and friends who would come time and again to enjoy quality comfort food without feeling *jelak.

Our team of bakers and chefs work tirelessly behind the scenes producing most items in-house
– from freshly baked burger buns that hold the patties in place; to our homemade pork bacon, sausages and meatballs; dips and sauces, preservatives-free bread and cake selections.

At Red Kettle we understand that great dining is more than just good food. We invite customers to come for the food, stay for coffee and enjoy our hospitality.

*Red Kettle is a NON-HALAL Restaurant & Bakery