Reliance College

Early 1980s, Reliance Training Center was set up to train Tour Guides for Reliance Travel. By the mid-1980s, the students' population outgrew the training center. Reliance College was then formed in 1987 to serve the enlarged student population.

With over 25 years of training experience, Reliance College is at the forefront of the Education Industry for Tourism and Hospitality in Malaysia. Throughout the years, the college has recognized that the Tourism and Hospitality Industry covers a wide span of industries under it’s’ wings. According to the World Tourism Organization, the Tourism and Hospitality Industry provides 1 in every 11 jobs. In 2013, Reliance College expanded out its reach to courses in Business Management, Accounting, Mass Communication and Event Management. The college continues to believe that the Tourism and Hospitality Industry is growing at a faster pace as the world population increases and there’s a need to sustain the work for this quick growing industry.