The Uncharted Co.

The Uncharted Co is more than an accommodation provider. Recognising the difference between traveller and tourist, the Company caters its quarters to the modern-day explorer, who seeks different experiences wherever the world takes him. Its accommodations exude modernity and strive to inspire unending exploration, complemented by high service standards.

The Uncharted Co. ventured into the travel accommodation market with 5footway.inn, a boutique hostel chain in 2011. Its location amid Singapore’s unique five-foot walkways pays homage to the city’s Colonial heritage. Travellers are thus exposed to an intrinsic part of the country’s history and culture, just through staying in the hostel established in restored heritage shophouses. 5footway.inn has since expanded successfully to Macau. To date, The Uncharted Co. is managing eight brands, with products ranging from hostels, hotels, serviced apartments, and student accommodation, spanning seven cities.

Bold and experimental, the Company aims to constantly push the boundaries of what a hostel or hotel can be: a microcosm of cultures, people and languages, a starting point for adventure, a place that one can call a home away from home. Inspired by travellers and travel, The Uncharted Co creates, experiments and never stops exploring.