Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants Ltd

Genesis Oil and Gas Consultants Ltd is a market leading consultancy focused on providing engineering and technical services to the global upstream oil and gas industry. Our services are utilised by oil and gas companies during their planning and development phase of oil and gas projects. Our clientele includes super-majors and national oil companies, as well as small independents. We develop innovative solutions for the E&P business, by leveraging on our core engineering and techno-economic skills. We are helping our clients to achieve world class performance from their assets by providing expertise, novel methods and tools to realise their maximum potential. The success of these services has fuelled a rapid growth of the firm and we now have offices in some of the oil industries main business centres around the globe. Today, Genesis is a company with over 1550 employees and offices in 17 locations world wide and continues to provide objective advice and a deeper understanding to external clients.