Saltycustoms is the easy and reliable way to make beautiful custom t-shirts. For decades, t-shirts have been used to unite, show affiliation and spread messages; they are the ultimate tool of expression. That notion has driven us to be in the business of helping businesses - from start-ups to multinational conglomerates - spread their messages through custom t-shirts that are beautifully designed and outstanding in quality. Our business is not just about making t-shirts. It's about giving brands and people an avenue to communicate. We are recognised as Asia's first Apparel Consultancy. The idea behind it is to have t-shirt experts guide our clients through the entire process of developing custom-shirts. We are trained to understand our clients, identify their goals and give them complete peace of mind. Our holistic services encompass everything there is to custom t-shirt making, from idea generation to providing solutions like design, print, manufacturing, cost management, delivery & more.