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NCS Global Technology Sdn Bhd

Over the past decade, NCS has grown to be a strong player in outsourcing and recruitment. Our unique capabilities, which focus on talents development, create a wide range of available resources in Engineering, Information Technology, as well as non-Technical BPO.
We pride ourselves in delivering an unparalleled level of customer service, to both, our client managers and to our contractors. Our services range from Application Development, Outsourcing, Service Maintenance to Consultation. These services are flexible, scalable and precisely orchestrated to meet our client’s needs. Through NCS’s comprehensive services, we provide a stable business platform for our customers, thus enabling them to focus on their core competencies. No other company is able to provide the full suite of professional services, which combines quality people with an unprecedented level of service. 

  • NCS staffs comprises of highly qualified consultants, with hands-on experience and specialties.
  • We are dedicated to provide full-fledged Business & IT consultation, technical specialties, resource training and development.
  • NCS personnel are recognized for their professional consulting expertise and result-oriented approach in meeting customers' business objectives.
  • We adopt to modern and latest resources management systems, aligning towards ISO standard for quality assurance in our services.
  • Within NCS Global Technology and its own subsidaries, together with our strategy technology partners, we ensure the full success of our client and the company.