First Team Advisers

First Team Advisers is a Professional Financial Company started since 2002 with 15 years experienced and more than 60 Advisers. Currently Our HQ at PJCITY, and another 2 branches at PJ & KL. Mostly our Advisers are from Different Industry Background and mostly are Generation Y. 

Vision: To be a Boutique Agency in Financial Industry. (What is Boutique? We refer to Branding, Quality & Young Entrepreneur.)

Mission: To Double our manpower in 3 Years with a Green Working Environment which consists of 5 Elements: Money, Happiness, Freedom, Self-Development & Recognition.

Our Values: To Discover Strengths & Talents in Generation Y through our Platform. We believe each individual will Sparkle in our guidance. 

Our Quotes: "COMING Together is the Beginning, STAYING Together is a Success, GROWING Together is our Pride"

Our Services included:

  1. Life Division of Hong Leong Assurance
  2. General Division of MSIG
  3. Estate Planning
  4. Mortgage Services Division